To install, use 0install. For example, on Ubuntu:

$ sudo apt-get install zeroinstall-injector

To get SAM (creating a command called “sam”):

$ 0alias sam

Mac OS X

Get the 0install bundle from (version 1.11 or later).

To get SAM (creating a command called “sam”) enter this command in terminal:

$ 0alias sam


  1. Get 0install from
  2. Get Java from
  3. Run Zero Install, Add other application and paste in the URI
  4. Click the Run button to start it.

Using the graphical installer on Windows.

The remaining dependencies (IRIS, SWT, GraphViz) will be downloaded automatically (Java is not downloaded automatically due to unclear licensing terms).

You can also install a “sam” command, as on Linux:

C:\> 0alias sam


To run SAM from the command-line:

$ sam

You can then use the File menu to load one of the example files.

To run in batch mode (without opening a window):

$ sam --batch scenario.sam

See the SAM tutorial for instructions on writing the scenario.sam file.

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